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Emergency Mobile Forage Unit

Emergency Mobile Forage Unit

The Emergency Mobile Forage Unit (EMFU) is a feeding platform for field operation use during emergencies to aid in the recovery of large animals. It is manufactured to withstand harsh conditions and to provide independent operation for up to 30 consecutive days producing up to 300-4,000lbs of fresh green forage daily!

Environmental Control

BioGen Ag manufactures Independent Systems (IS), and Shore Power Systems (SPS).

IS units will have their own power sources including a 24 volt interior system supported by wind and solar power to replenish the batteries.  A generator is supplied to become the main power source when required.

SPS units have the ability to plug in a 110 volt source into themselves to run everything.

Emergency Mobile Forage Unit
Emergency Mobile Forage Unit

Growth Unit

Our patent pending design is optimal for growth. We  maintain the humidity, HVAC, and watering.

Everything is made to last.  This is the first and only industrial forage growing units available.

Made by ranchers for ranchers!


Dairy Cattle, performance horses, meat cattle, or anything that eats grass will love and benefit from the green, lush forage our systems grow.

Cattle Feeding

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